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Safe T Stop

Our new 'Safe-T-Stop' testing and diagnostic equipment uses cutting-edge technology to allow us to test your vehicle's wheel alignment, suspension, and brakes.

What is the Safe-T-Stop test?

The Safe-T-Stop test is an advanced wheel alignment and brake test carried out on electronically accurate Plate Tonic equipment. Approved by VTNZ and meeting NMI European standards, these test lanes measure and simulate a vehicle's brake performance - just as it would happen in an emergency stop on the road but in the controlled environment of our workshop.

What does the Safe-T-Stop check provide?

  • The check will give you an accurate report on your wheel alignment, suspension, and brake analysis. 
  • Detects dangerous side-to-side and front-to-rear brake imbalances that will cause a vehicle to spin out of control 
  • Checks wheel alignment on both front and rear axles to guarantee maximum tyre performance. 
  • Measures ride quality by testing the rebound of each shock absorber. 
  • Measures corner weight and acts as a weighbridge 

Save money! Properly adjusted wheels guarantee optimal tyre wear and better fuel economy.

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